Welcome to The Master Pundit.

About The Master Pundit

Master Pundit is born out of an old creation, the once-mighty iServ Network. iServ was not just another centre-right political website. It was a true web network comprising several websites and discussion forums and web directories, all covering a wide range of subjects and interests. Most of the sites in the network were politically neutral however iServ itself was quite intentionally more hardcore. It was a site that dug in hard and deep to hammer home the fact that the Quiet Australians (the majority of us) don't have a true outlet to express our views without the fear of having those views shot down by the loud Left.

iServ was discontinued in 2008, after being on the 'Net continually since 1999. In fact all but one site belonging to the iServ Network are all gone now, having served their purpose and pretty much just fading away. Master Pundit is the new 'iServ' and will reignite the fiery political debates that raged back at the start of the new millenium. Master Pundit is not an extremist site. It is strictly centre-right. But opinions will be quite to the point on occasions. This will most likely not go down well with visitors to the site who believe in things like communism, socialism, having people depend on governments rather than themselves or people who believe in wealth shifting, the demise of Australia's defence forces or state border closures by incompetent Labor governments.

Master Pundit will proudly call out the push by the Left to silence the Quiet Australians. Master Pundit will be a safe haven for centre-right political commentary and we will all rejoice at the rebirth of an outlet for the Quiet Australians to equalise left-wing extremism. iServ is back! The site has a new name but it has the same logo as before, which proudly represents the plight of the Quiet Australians to put their foot down and stand proud when having their say on matters of public importance.

Expect updates several times per week - more often when needed. One day I hope to have the time to set up a member's section and ability for visitors to leave their own comments. After all - we want the Quiet Australians to be able to have their say - a privilege the Left is trying vehemently to stop.

If you are left-wing, you will most likely not enjoy Master Pundit. If that is the case, just press your 'back' button and never return. You won't be missed.